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We moved to Ireland with the notion of building our "dream" home in May 2007 after purchasing the site earlier on that year. Mr C is Irish and originally from Limerick but he remains in the UK during the week, his job is running www.cruise.co.uk and earning the bucks that will hopefully allow us to "live the dream."

It's taken us almost two years but ground will be broken on the site by the end of May 09!! A lot of blood, sweat & loads of tears (all mine!) have gone into this project already, we left a fabulous house behind in Newcastle...and now for my Kevin McLeod bit, "can the new build can live up to my expectations and the old house we left behind"? I'm not sure...keep watching my blog and you'll find out!!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Nearly..but not quite

Hoping tomorrow will be "THE" day we move.  Still so much to do....the snagging list is still pages long but we are getting there!!

The oven housing is still a work in progress but am really happy 
with how the kitchen is working out so far...love my walk-in pantry (there's masses of storage hidden around the corner!)

and is requiring some splashes of colour 
and some clutter

a labour of love putting up the
Ikea dandelion light

will be back with more pics soon....


  1. Hey Mrs C, thanks for popping in....you are doing really well blogging while building aswell. I am sure you have a bit on;)
    Love the pendant its always striking and your kitchen is TDF(to die for) I love how the cabinets at the top look like little houses all in a rowe. Its going to be so fantastic as you start to decorate and see all your hard work come together in visual reality.
    I don't remember how I found your blog but I am enjoying no matter how often.
    Cheers Kristie

  2. Wow! I have been waiting impatiently to see your photographs, your kitchen looks amazing! Love the pantry, I didnt have room in ours for one! The builders have the blocks up above window height now on our new home. Love that light, did you say it was from IKEA- I gotta go check it out on their website. Keep the photos coming when you have time :) Thanks for sharing

    All things nice...

  3. Your house is going to be incredible, I love your lighting, Thanks for following my blog & leading me back here, I love it!!!

  4. Your home is looking amazing.I was born in Belfast before moving to Australia so I love visiting your blog..Please come visit me..xx

  5. Abosolutely LOVE the Dandelion Chandelier from Ikea - wish I had the right house for it but just don't - your house looks amazing - look forward to seeing more photos.

  6. You've done a really good job getting the lighting right and you appreciate that to get it right you do not need to spend a lot of money. Good work. More pictures soon please.

  7. Hej Mrs C!
    Just found you in my followers list, nice...because then I came over here. Som much fun to see & I´ll have many hours left to se it all through ;D

  8. Oh Mrs C, I lost your blog when my whole blog list disappeared during my blog makeover. I thought of you tonight when I heard about the housing/banking problems in Ireland on the news and remembered that we hadn't been in touch for ages. I googled Mrs C, Ireland, as I couldn't remember your blog name as it is different to your URL... I found ya! I hope the move went well and I am dying to see some photos of your gorgeous home. A-M xx


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