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We moved to Ireland with the notion of building our "dream" home in May 2007 after purchasing the site earlier on that year. Mr C is Irish and originally from Limerick but he remains in the UK during the week, his job is running www.cruise.co.uk and earning the bucks that will hopefully allow us to "live the dream."

It's taken us almost two years but ground will be broken on the site by the end of May 09!! A lot of blood, sweat & loads of tears (all mine!) have gone into this project already, we left a fabulous house behind in Newcastle...and now for my Kevin McLeod bit, "can the new build can live up to my expectations and the old house we left behind"? I'm not sure...keep watching my blog and you'll find out!!

Friday, April 10, 2009

My first purchase.....it must be real now!

After nearly four years of research and re-drawing we are due to start the build of our new house here in Co. Limerick.
I have just made my first purchase for the new pad, a bargain that I just couldn't resist (even though Mr C had warned me not to buy anything yet!!) anyway I'm delighted with it. It's a lovely Grohe tap, "sourced" from my old favourite shopping mecca Ebay. Brand new, in the box delivered to Mr C's office in Redditch for 59 quid.
I'm falling in love with ebay all over again....thanks to the credit crunch there seem to be some fab big brand name bargain up for grabs at the moment.......watch this space for more Mrs C bargain purchases!!